Joe Chen

Joe Chen

Research Associate

UNSW Sydney

Research interests

Cosmological neutrinos, cosmological perturbation theory, N-body simulations of large-scale structure. Supervised by A/Prof Yvonne Wong.

Selected publications

  1. G. Barenboim, J. Z. Chen, S. Hannestad, I. M. Oldengott, T. Tram, and Y. Y. Y. Wong, Invisible neutrino decay in precision cosmology, arXiv:2011.01502 [astro-ph.CO].

  2. J. Z. Chen, A. Upadhye, and Y. Y. Y .Wong, The cosmic neutrino background as a collection of fluids in large-scale structure simulations, arXiv:2011.12503 [astro-ph.CO].

  3. J. Z. Chen, A. Upadhye, and Y. Y. Y .Wong, One line to run them all: SuperEasy massive neutrino linear response in N-body simulations, arXiv:2011.12504 [astro-ph.CO].