Tobias Felkl

Tobias Felkl

Data Scientist

Private Sector

Research Interests

Tobias is broadly interested in open questions regarding the Standard Model of Particle Physics. He has recently been working in flavour physics, with an emphasis on neutrino mass models and the observed anomalies in B-meson decays. Tobias’s PhD supervisor was Dr. Michael Schmidt.

Selected Publications

  1. I. Bigaran, T. Felkl, C. Hagedorn, M. A. Schmidt - Flavour Anomalies Meet Flavour Symmetry - e-Print: 2207.06197
  2. C. O’Hare, D. Loomba et al. - Recoil Imaging for Dark Matter, Neutrinos and Physics Beyond the Standard Model - Contribution to 2022 Snowmass Summer Study; e-Print: 2203.05914
  3. T. Felkl, S. L. Li, M. A. Schmidt - A Tale of Invisibility: Constraints on New Physics in $b\to s \nu\nu$ - JHEP 12 (2021) 118; e-Print: 2111.04327
  4. T. Felkl, J. Herrero-Garcia, M. A. Schmidt - The Singly-Charged Scalar Singlet as the Origin of Neutrino Masses - JHEP 05 (2021) 122, JHEP 05 (2022) 73 (Erratum); e-Print: 2102.09898